Mark Ronson--Mi Sueño Mojado

I Loveeeeeeee Mark Ronson!

Mark Who? Mark Ronson. He's this cute brit guy who sickly alters tunes and make them sound fresh, new and totally his. He never sing but he's the leader (obviously) of his band and has collaborated with artists like Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen among others. The band uses loads of drums and trumpets to achieve a kick ass sound very reminiscent of the 50's or the Motown days.

Of course, I love My dahlin' Lily Allen. I just hope she stops reading gossip magazines and blogsites so she won't get depressed from news about herself. I can't wait for her to do a duet with Amy Winehouse. That would be absolutely mad, wouldn't you think so?

Anyway, check out this Mark Ronson-Lily Allen tune, Oh My God, an original by The Kaiser Chiefs.
Kaiser Who?
Shut up and watch. (Take note of the brilliant lads! Love their facial expressions. My, oh my, where the f* is this pub??? I need a pint and a BUKKAKE now!)

Zhen de Shou

I'm on the pills once again. This time, it's a Chinese slimming pills called Zhen de Shou and was given to me by my friends who came to visit me just recently. Apparently, it is very popular in the fabulous third world where I came from. It's making waves for its rapid effect which is notable after the 5th day of taking it. Also, what's good about it is that, there are no real side effects at all since it is supposed to be ¨herbal¨.

It's my 3rd day of taking the pill and I can tell you you that I feel like I've taken 10 cups of coffee already because I am soooooo high!. I can feel my body's really excited and awake. I remember, I had the same reactions from taking Bangkok Pills in the 90's. I felt so light, strong and fast that I did the whole week's laundry in an hour or so. No kidding, it was a lot.

Antonio warned me about putting stuff in mouth that I don't really know about and the only assurance I had was my friends' testimonials so I got paranoid and searched in Google for this magic pills.

Voila! Hundreds of testimonials from the third world cesspit! I was so impressed with what I read and saw so I think I should go on taking it. However, I don't think I feel the effects that I SHOULD be feeling as the websites and the testimonials say.
I feel that I haven't lost my appetite. What the hell is happening??? It supposed to lose your cravings, right? Well, I still feel hungry and have to eat at dinnertime!
Anyway, let's see what happens after the 5th day. I should have a fairer, smoother skin aside from , of course, losing some pounds at that time.
Anyone who have tried Zhen de Shou yet? Is it really effective? I'm having that normal?

Tell me your stories about Zhen de Shou here in this site or email me at


It's summertime fellas! so I decided to give my blogsite a facelift. Enough with the dark background. I want a burst of colors...happy! fun! exciting! uplifting! fresh!
You like the colors?
More Jeno-isms to come. Summer style.

Amnesia is Back!

Just when I thought I would miss the creme de la creme of dance clubs in Ibiza when I hit the island on July 21st, I was ecstatic to receive an email yesterday that AMNESIA is back with a vengeance! The club along with Bora-Bora and another one (I can't remember what) have been closed months ago due to drug problems. I don't know if Bora-Bora has been opened again or if it will ever be but I'm sure party people around the globe is happy that the club has risen from death.


This is Me.

Monday night, I found myself crying over this film. Before Sunset is the sequel to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy's Before Sunrise, which I am a great fan of, if not the biggest fan.

This is (her) me talking about my personal opinions about love and relationship. I am baring myself to you , my lovely minions.

Romanticism is a thing of the past, and I am lost.

Nine years have passed since Jesse and Celine met in Vienna and walked all over the city, talking as if there would be no tomorrow, and then promising to meet again in six months. "Were you there in Vienna, in December?" she asks him. Nine years have passed, and they have met again in Paris. Jesse wrote a novel about their long night together, and at a book signing he looked up, and there she was. They begin to talk again, in a rush, before he must leave to catch his flight back to America.

To read Roger Ebert's full review on Before Sunset, HERE.

Back from Wanderland (Europride 2007)

I am sooo tired. So tired I feel like having a day off and just sleep the whole day!

Last week was whirlwind for me and I just don't have much energy anymore. I felt like I was gangbanged by a troop of firemen or a horde of construction workers. whew! Anyway, enough of acts of lasciviousness. I had too much of that (and more) at the last EuroPride celebration in Madrid. Yup! The virgin's awakening to the wonderful world of gay gathering. This time, it was massive. 1.5 million attended the event. Madrid was totally went MAD this time! Gosh, I swear. It was the first time I've seen such amount of people and I don't want to see any of those for the next year or two.

Hahaha. Don't I just look like a cheap Romanian whore on the streets of mad, mad, Madrid, eh? Love it. I spent the whole day (Friday) looking for the perfect wig but everything looked awful to me. So, we went to a Chinese shop around cuatro caminos and saw this diabolical gold one which was so hot on the head! Miss M. I hope you are not furious. I know you warned me before not wear a blond wig but this one's the cheapest and besides,the black one was just setting my head on flames on a 35 degree Celsius day!

The hardest part of everything was SHAVING. I had to shave everything and I mean, everything! First time I shaved my legs and it was hardwork. I can understand now why women spend so much time before going out for a night out or something. It was just ludacris to shave the legs without leaving it bloody and cut! My friend Meldy taught me how to do it but being a heardheaded boy that I am, I just scrubbed the razor to my skin like I was exfoliating it. Alas! I looked like an S&M slave being lashed by her master over and over again. Good thing I brought my L'Oreal moisturizing cream with calming effects which soothes and tones the skin after shaving (the face).

As expected, I had my 30 minutes of fame in the parade. After mixing with the lesbian group and the deaf and mute group, I had my own 2 metres (there was a huge gap between groups in the rally) and I just posed and posed and posed to death. People were shouting off the top of their lungs...guapa!!!!!!!! guapaaaaa!!!!!!! foto!!!!!!!!!! foto!!!!!!!!!!! so I didn't have a choice to but be a camwhore for the day. Love it.

We didn't go for a nightout though. It was just too much with all the botellon and crazy heteros around pretending to be gays just to steal kiss, a hug, or a handbag. Jeeez.

I was waiting for my face to be all over the 9 o'clock news but in vain. There were thousands of other fabulously costumed fags and lesbians who made it to the videos and I, on the other hand must be in thousand of digital cameras of people around Europe by now; subject of a sad night's self-pleasure activities.

Oh, well at least I didn't give my mom a heart attack.

For more drag-tastic pictures of me and the Europride 2007 in Madrid, Click HERE