But for now, A bit of Dancin'

The girl needs a holiday and she's going to:

Ticket? Check.
Hotel? Check.
All I need is my perfect swimwear and a little bit of anorexia and I'm off! July 21 for 7 days. Eat your hearts out bitches! :) Love yah.

En Castellano...

Unas de mis lectores, Nicky de Malaga, me ha escrito esto:

Genial!!! sigue posteando, por favor.También me gusta mucho Amy Winehouse y ahora además he descubierto a aRuffus Wainwright. Los conoces?Saludos.

Digo yo...
Nicky, Gracias. Para ti: Mi cancion favorita de Rufus. Un Beso

Sri Lanka...the new paradise?

I just had my cable TV installed last Saturday and finally I get to watch English programs. Thanks to my friend Satellite who made it all happened, I can watch BBC and 300 channels more on my telly!

Imagine how glad I was when I found out I was reunited to my most favorite program in the whole world---Globe Trekkers (Travel Channel). Yep! Ian Wright will be in my room 24 hours a day bringing me features on travel around the world. I was searching in Youtube for his videos but surprisingly, he only got a few.

Anyway, Last Saturday they had a feature on the best beaches in the world. Who was on top of the list? Sri Lanka! I was routing for the Carribbean or some obscure country in latin America but hey, Sri lanka had it. Is there anyone there who's been to Sri Lanka yet? An ex-boyfriend of mine had. I thought he was there for the pretty asian boys but after seeing this program, I proved myself wrong.

Let's have a peek on how Sri Lanka looks like:

As I've said, I am going to an island paradise soon. Not in Sri Lanka yet but I will let you know in a couple of days time. Meanwhile, I invite you all to bask under the blazing sun.

Hold on there, girl.

As you all know by now, Paris Hilton is in jail already :(

I don't know with you but I kinda admire this girl. Not because of anything else but I'm looking at her as an advertsing agency man that I was or used to be.

Paris Hilton is the epitome of effective ¨branding¨and ¨public relations¨. The world thought of her as a senseless rich kid with nothing to back her up but her family and their millions. However, for me, Paris is a genius when it comes to business. A trait which is undoubtedly in the blood. . You thought she was brainless doing all this scandals and such, but at the end of the day, who gets the dough? Her. Product endorsements, movie and record career, her own line of bags, etc.etc.---she has all of this and she is not ashamed to get more because she knows she can.

You think she doesn't have a clue of what she's doing? Of course, she does. She gives you scandal, you give her money.

In the recently concluded MTV movie awards, the host, Sarah Silverman (yes, that's my question as well when I heard that name: Sarah who?), grilled our Paris on national tv. watch this:

That's America for you folks. Laughing at the expense of others. The girl was going to prison and she humiliated her in front of millions. It wasn't funny at all, to be honest with you.

Paris, when you get out, shove a hotel in that what's-her-face-called-again's ass. I'm sure she would love that. You are the real bitch anyway, not her.

Hold on luv, I'll be waiting for your return.

The Madrid Quickie...

So much to see...so much to do..so little time---That's exactly how I felt with my last Madrid trip. The days went so fast and at the end I thought...what have I seen of the grand Spanish city?

It was the fourth time that I have been to Madrid. However, I've only managed to go to the very touristy places; the ones that you see in the postcards like my picture above at the Plaza Mayor.
It was showering when I arrived on a Saturday morning. After coffee, I took a quick nap then headed out to wander at about 12 pm. I had coffee in one of the cafés in Plaza Mayor and I was appalled with how much the cafe con leche cost--3 euros! I could have had two coffees for that price in Malagá! Oh,well.The rain was just absolutely a shame so after hitting Chueca ( the gay district), I took the metro back to my friend's house. On the metro, a Dominican guy cruised on me. He said he's married and got six children in his country and he's got a few experience with men as well. I have no problem with married man. In fact, I like them better---no strings attached, purely recreational sex.
So, we agreed to meet up two hours later but because of the rain, I felt so lazy to even get up and instead, I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith (yes, I was the last person on earth to see it but I really liked it. It is amazing how transparent these actors could be on screen even though they are playing their roles. It was the pre-Bradgelina days so you could actually see flirting madness, stolen glimpses and seductive smiles) and before I knew it, it was already 10 pm and all my sexual urges were totally gone. I still called him just to apologize but he dropped the call after realizing who I was. Well, at least I saved myself from adultery.
Sunday morning, My friend Meldy and I went hunting for the best imitation of designer bags. She said she knows a Moroccan bloke in SOL where she bought three LV denim bags last year. Trembling with excitement, we hurried to the spot just to be disappointed. The police where all over the place and the like rats when the cats are around, the looky-looky men were nowhere in to be found. Instead we ended up in this endless street of bargains! Of course! It was Sunday and it's Mercadillo or Rastro day. The crowd was massive and everyone was crazy buying shits you wouldn't even imagine existed in this planet. From clothes, to bags, DVDs, memorabilia, pets, everything!!
After a good hour and a half walk, we decided to have lunch where her husband work. Here:

The Resto was fab! It's international cuisine with chic and cozy atmosphere and caters to the upper class Madrileños who spends fifty to a hundred euro for a brunch. I had a huge piece of steak while Meldy had some exotic noodles. A Spanish señor was babbling endlessly while we were devouring on our feast. He said he was sure we were filipino because of our accent. We were puzzled...what the fuck is a Filipino accent (when you're speaking in Castellano?). I mean, the Argentineans are easy to distinguished and the rest of the Latinos can give away their origin just by their first sentences. But Filipinos? The man must be a linguist or a prolific traveller, huh? He asked us about Imelda and if it's true that she's been throwing up blood because she feels guilty of what her family did in the past.
As an avid Imelda fan, and my friend, who's name MELDY was derived from Imelda, we were shocked to learn about this urban legend from the Spanish Señor. I said, ¨Señor, La Señora Marcos vomitará dinero pero sangre, nunca.¨ (Sir, Mrs. Marcos will throw up MONEY but never blood). He then shut up and left us in peace.

Just like a normal Spanish lunch, we ended up just sitting and chatting for 3 hours. On our way home, we passed by a Chinese store which sells Asian products so I bought Bagoong (Anchovy sauce) and Suka ng Niyog (Coconut Vinegar) . We don't have those things in Malagá so I panicked when I saw them. I also bought some Nagaraya Crackers ( flour coated nuts in different flavors like butter, barbecue and hot and spicy). It's brilliant how the Chinese can import everything and I mean EVERYTHING from the third world to here. Man, they can even ship human beings for crying out loud. The Chinese will rule the world...and I am scared.
Anyway, we hit the sack at about 8pm and were up again at 11 for a night out. Where did we go? Hardrock Café Madrid!

Hard Rock Madrid defies gravity. A car was suspended from the ceiling upside down as well as the whole city of Nueva York! It was very interesting.

What's amazing as well is that the main bartender is a Filipino! I swear, I haven't seen so much pinoys in my life in my travels before like here in Madrid. They are like ants...scattered all over the city! I chatted with him briefly and he said he's been working for HRC for years now and that he's seen loads of celebrities and international stars already. David Beckham has his own VIP room there where he and the fabulous Victoria Becks could eat all the burgers they want without the hassle of the paparazzi.

Monday was a boring day and I had to get my passport renewed to the embassy so there. The only saving point of that day was that I had the chance to go to an all American store (just beside the Phil. Embassy) and got really exited with all the Hershey's and Root Beer that we found. On our way home, we stopped by Starbucks Coffee (there's nothing of that here in Malágá) and although I hate their coffee, it gave me a faint nostalgia of home and the wonderful city of Makati.
I drowned myself with the expensive froth and a slice of blueberry cheesecake. I swore that it would be my last sweets for the month as I am still on my diet.

I would be in an island paradise soon for 7 days. I have to be perfect.