Overheard On the Coast 4

In the sauna...

Older man: ¨Cuantos años tienes?¨ (how old are you?)

Younger man: ¨29 años, 22 centimetros¨ (29 years old, 22 centimetres)

No meat.

Liz, my African- American friend thought she was gonna die on hate crime when she first came to Spain. One time she was shopping down Marbella lane when suddenly she encountered a horde of men dressed in white robe and conehead masks. She was terrified. she thought the Ku Klux Klan only exist in the U.S.!
Sweating, with hands full of Guccis, Burberrys and with a fierce 5 inch Balenciaga heels, she ran towards another street only to find out that there´s more waiting there!
¨Wait.¨she thought for a second.
¨Why is there a Jesus Christ at the end of the line? Has he turned against us colored ones? Where the f* am I? Is this Twilight Zone???¨

Yup, that´s Holy Week for you folks, Spanish style. Very weird costumes by the catholic faithfuls. Processions galore and beautifully-shaped palm leaves on display. Usually, Antonio Banderas comes to carry the Jesus of Nazareth in Malaga but no news still of his apparition this year. Maybe he´s keeping Wifey Melanie Griffith sober. Oh, well.
Anyway, If you think Spain is the seat of Catholicism next to the Vatican, think again. I have gone to the church more than an average Spanish of my age has. They do love to celebrate and wear fancy clothes though and Semana Santa is just one of those.
So , no meat this week for us, boys and girls. Oh, bloody hell! What about my Atkins diet?

photo from www.20minutos.es

Bare-ly Legal

We don´t care where you were born
We don´t care what language you speak
We don´t care what you wear
What we care about is YOU.

President of the political party, Ciutadans- Partido de la Cuidadania (C´s), Albert Rivera was chosen the sexiest male Catalan by the organization Salón del Sexo en Catalán.

Young, fresh, clean, smart and promises to change traditional politics in Spain, Señor Rivera literally got nothing to hide.

Too bad, I can´t vote. But I can definitely make a FANSCLUB.