Ibiza: Living the Dream (Part 3)

Monday Flashbacks

Monday was for the beach. We visited two playas for the day. First was in Santa Eularia and the second was in Portinotx was is on the uppermost tip of the island.

Ahhh...sun..sand..and sea...

Santa Eularia: The best beach in Ibiza, if you would ask me. Crystal Clear waters, away from the mad tourists. Perfect for the family and posers with their fake D&G sunglasses.

Portinatx: situated in the northern part of the island, the Portinatx beach is actually a bahia (cove). Breathtaking with a lovely contrast of the sea and the Mediterranean pine trees surrounding it. It is very popular for family outings so be sure to be there as early as you can to get a space on the vast sandy shore.

The journey towards Portinatx is spellbinding. You will be amazed by towering pine trees, luscious greens and sea views you think would only be seen in a Discovery Channel or the National Geographic episode.

With millions of tourists coming to the Island every year, I am just glad that Ibiza's natural resources is being conserved and protected. Ibiza is not all about clubbing and it's world famous nightlife. For me, it is more about getting acquainted with nature and it's bounties again...being one with nature and away from the stress of everyday living.

I was rejuvenated.