Zhen de Shou

I'm on the pills once again. This time, it's a Chinese slimming pills called Zhen de Shou and was given to me by my friends who came to visit me just recently. Apparently, it is very popular in the fabulous third world where I came from. It's making waves for its rapid effect which is notable after the 5th day of taking it. Also, what's good about it is that, there are no real side effects at all since it is supposed to be ¨herbal¨.

It's my 3rd day of taking the pill and I can tell you you that I feel like I've taken 10 cups of coffee already because I am soooooo high!. I can feel my body's really excited and awake. I remember, I had the same reactions from taking Bangkok Pills in the 90's. I felt so light, strong and fast that I did the whole week's laundry in an hour or so. No kidding, it was a lot.

Antonio warned me about putting stuff in mouth that I don't really know about and the only assurance I had was my friends' testimonials so I got paranoid and searched in Google for this magic pills.

Voila! Hundreds of testimonials from the third world cesspit! I was so impressed with what I read and saw so I think I should go on taking it. However, I don't think I feel the effects that I SHOULD be feeling as the websites and the testimonials say.
I feel that I haven't lost my appetite. What the hell is happening??? It supposed to lose your cravings, right? Well, I still feel hungry and have to eat at dinnertime!
Anyway, let's see what happens after the 5th day. I should have a fairer, smoother skin aside from , of course, losing some pounds at that time.
Anyone who have tried Zhen de Shou yet? Is it really effective? I'm having palpitations...is that normal?

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