This is Me.

Monday night, I found myself crying over this film. Before Sunset is the sequel to Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy's Before Sunrise, which I am a great fan of, if not the biggest fan.

This is (her) me talking about my personal opinions about love and relationship. I am baring myself to you , my lovely minions.

Romanticism is a thing of the past, and I am lost.

Nine years have passed since Jesse and Celine met in Vienna and walked all over the city, talking as if there would be no tomorrow, and then promising to meet again in six months. "Were you there in Vienna, in December?" she asks him. Nine years have passed, and they have met again in Paris. Jesse wrote a novel about their long night together, and at a book signing he looked up, and there she was. They begin to talk again, in a rush, before he must leave to catch his flight back to America.

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