Outta Rehab

I was fucked up by pill. I swear to the two people who fervently read my blog that you should never...ever...not even think about taking those goddamn Zhen de fucking Shou pills. I have been away from blogging for a couple of days to regain my sanity. Everyday, I was shaking literally and I can feel my blood circulating...rushing like some rapids where you can go kayaking. I was feeling so hot inside and I felt my head was being cut into halves.

I stopped taking them last Sunday after 5 impossible days. Withdrawal symptoms were bad and the third day after quitting was the worst. I was in panic and had a hard self-assessment night, with intra-personal communication and all after watching re-run of *My Bestfriend's Wedding* on ITV1. Shit. That how bad it was.

Let me just get this thing straight: I do not intend to destroy the name or reputation (if there is any) of this slimming pill brand. I am simply narrating my experience during the five days that I lived my life with them. For people out there, think twice before taking any slimming pills without prescription or proper medical consultations.

Right now, I am a little bit sober. Thank God.

My officemates (who love recreational drugs) are fighting over the pills. They are salivating to have them. I was thinking, a sexual favor would be fun. But one of them is a woman and the other one (male) rarely takes a bath.

I am selling them for five euros.