Mark Ronson--Mi Sueño Mojado

I Loveeeeeeee Mark Ronson!

Mark Who? Mark Ronson. He's this cute brit guy who sickly alters tunes and make them sound fresh, new and totally his. He never sing but he's the leader (obviously) of his band and has collaborated with artists like Robbie Williams, Amy Winehouse and Lilly Allen among others. The band uses loads of drums and trumpets to achieve a kick ass sound very reminiscent of the 50's or the Motown days.

Of course, I love My dahlin' Lily Allen. I just hope she stops reading gossip magazines and blogsites so she won't get depressed from news about herself. I can't wait for her to do a duet with Amy Winehouse. That would be absolutely mad, wouldn't you think so?

Anyway, check out this Mark Ronson-Lily Allen tune, Oh My God, an original by The Kaiser Chiefs.
Kaiser Who?
Shut up and watch. (Take note of the brilliant lads! Love their facial expressions. My, oh my, where the f* is this pub??? I need a pint and a BUKKAKE now!)