Ibiza: Living The Dream (Day 1)

It was a gruesome task to be in the airport at 6 am for our 8 am flight. That meant waking up at four and do the last minute luggage check to see if I've forgotten my bottle of sunscreen or if it was enough for a 7 day trip or if my Louis Vuitton bag is appropriate for a beach holiday. I freaked out to see that my contact lenses were nowhere in sight so I had to unpack everything before finally finding them. It has been three years since I last flew. My heart thumped like an ape in a cage.

After an hour and twenty minutes of being on air, we finally reached the island and as the warm island wind hit my face, I felt at home. I am an island boy and I felt like a fish being thrown back to the water after three long years of gasping for air on the terrains of Spain.

We then headed to the car rental place to get our Volkswagen Polo. The island might be small but one could navigate it better with your own car. The queue was long and I thought we were lining up for a Madonna concert or something. It turned out that only two staff are in for the day against all the tourist that come every hour. After an hour and half of waiting under the blazing Balearic sun, we got the car and we're off to San Antonio where our hotel was.

Then hotel, as it turned out was not as pretty as the pictures we saw online. It was in a street full of souvenirs and boisterous crowd. It didn't even have an elevator, for crying out loud so we had to drag our 20 kilo suitcase till the fourth floor. It was a tedious job, equivalent of a day's workout in the gym. After a quick rest, we went directly to Eivissa (Ibiza) town for a tour of the capital. The town is breathtaking. It is a prefect mix of of old and new. The buildings dating back to the 18th century and the massive clubs that it is known for. Parking is a problem in the town. A major problem so after what probably was three whole turns to the city, we spotted one and swiftly got the space. We then started our trip to the centre where the main plaza is.Cozy cafes under a canopy of leaves from the well preserved trees where one can spend the whole afternoon chatting away over a glass of Rioja.
Monument---strict reminder that you are still in Europe.
Century old apartments still standing with prideWe moved on to go to the port. The port is, as expected, heavy with tourists. This is one of the more beautiful cafes in the area.
Luxurious yachts for the rich and famous...What's inside is a postcard view of what Ibiza has been. Narrow streets laid with cobble stones and tiny terrazas. It's an eerie feeling being in these streets . Not scary eerie but a lovely eerie feeling. I wondered how life has been for the people who lived here hundreds of years ago. Must have been difficult without electricity or very little supply of water but I'm sure it was a life filled with beauty and free from the pressure of the consumerist world.Views from the walled city

After an hour of sightseeing in side the famous walls, we decided to head back to the port for a quick drink before we go back to San Antonio for dinner.

The beach of San Antonio is one of the three unlucky ones which was affected by oil leak from a sunken ship just a month ago. They've cleaned everything now but still, I had my hesitations on going into waters and besides, it was about 7pm already and the wind was beginning to get chilly.

The biggest problem that night was where to eat. We didn't want to go where all the tourists go for obvious reasons so we did the wisest way to get to the places where the locals go---ask the locals themselves. Fortunately enough, we've asked someone who had taste for good food and we ended up with a local Catalan restaurant called Es Rebost de Can Prats. They serve traditional Ibecencan cuisine however, the restaurant deserve it's own review in this blogsite so I won't say anything at the moment.

After a bottle of a Rioja wine, I was just so sleepy and tired to even think about going out or go clubbing. It was Saturday and the whole island was pulsating with beats, rhythm and action but it had been a long day and I didn't think I had the energy to even do a cookoo chicken dance or anything. Even the thought of a sweaty, scandinavian stud gyrating lustfully on the dancefloor smiling at me didn't excite me at all. An immaculate soft bed and a pillow to cuddle was what I was yearning for.

The Hed Kandi party was on that night and as I hear Peyton's ¨I´ll Rise¨ from somewhere...I dozed off...

End of Day 1
(Watch out for parts 2-7)