Sri Lanka...the new paradise?

I just had my cable TV installed last Saturday and finally I get to watch English programs. Thanks to my friend Satellite who made it all happened, I can watch BBC and 300 channels more on my telly!

Imagine how glad I was when I found out I was reunited to my most favorite program in the whole world---Globe Trekkers (Travel Channel). Yep! Ian Wright will be in my room 24 hours a day bringing me features on travel around the world. I was searching in Youtube for his videos but surprisingly, he only got a few.

Anyway, Last Saturday they had a feature on the best beaches in the world. Who was on top of the list? Sri Lanka! I was routing for the Carribbean or some obscure country in latin America but hey, Sri lanka had it. Is there anyone there who's been to Sri Lanka yet? An ex-boyfriend of mine had. I thought he was there for the pretty asian boys but after seeing this program, I proved myself wrong.

Let's have a peek on how Sri Lanka looks like:

As I've said, I am going to an island paradise soon. Not in Sri Lanka yet but I will let you know in a couple of days time. Meanwhile, I invite you all to bask under the blazing sun.