Q&A for Ian McEwan

Time Magazine let the fans had a chance to ask their questions to my favorite novelist Ian Mcewan recently in connection with his recent work, On Chesil Beach.

Some of the questions were quite boring but I love how he answers this one:

What's your take on there being fewer literary reviews in newspapers and magazines? Genevieve Powers, BROOKLINE, MASS.

The problem is really a small part of a larger one, which is the decline of newspapers. Publishers seem to be very keyed up to embrace the Internet, but I don't have much time for the kind of site where readers do all the reviewing. Reviewing takes expertise, wisdom and judgment. I am not much fond of the notion that anyone's view is as good as anyone else's.
Decline of newspapers? I say death of newspapers. The only truth on newspapers nowadays is the DATE.

And I don't know HOW this little typo error has escaped the meticulous eyes of TIMES proofreaders. look:

I'ts Edgar ALLAN Poe not ALLEN Poe! Maybe i could apply for them as a grammar/spelling bitch.
Anyway, if I have a question to ask him, it would be: Mr. McEwan, would you sleep with me so I can bear your children?
I know the what the answer would be but hey, just trying my luck. hehehe.
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