Hold on there, girl.

As you all know by now, Paris Hilton is in jail already :(

I don't know with you but I kinda admire this girl. Not because of anything else but I'm looking at her as an advertsing agency man that I was or used to be.

Paris Hilton is the epitome of effective ¨branding¨and ¨public relations¨. The world thought of her as a senseless rich kid with nothing to back her up but her family and their millions. However, for me, Paris is a genius when it comes to business. A trait which is undoubtedly in the blood. . You thought she was brainless doing all this scandals and such, but at the end of the day, who gets the dough? Her. Product endorsements, movie and record career, her own line of bags, etc.etc.---she has all of this and she is not ashamed to get more because she knows she can.

You think she doesn't have a clue of what she's doing? Of course, she does. She gives you scandal, you give her money.

In the recently concluded MTV movie awards, the host, Sarah Silverman (yes, that's my question as well when I heard that name: Sarah who?), grilled our Paris on national tv. watch this:

That's America for you folks. Laughing at the expense of others. The girl was going to prison and she humiliated her in front of millions. It wasn't funny at all, to be honest with you.

Paris, when you get out, shove a hotel in that what's-her-face-called-again's ass. I'm sure she would love that. You are the real bitch anyway, not her.

Hold on luv, I'll be waiting for your return.