Confessions of a Cola Addict

I am a Cola addict. I have been an addict for 18 years now. My brand of drug is Coca-Cola Light. I can consume two cans a day and a liter in 3 days. I am a cola addict and I'm sure I am not the only one with this kind of addiction.
I started out when I was 10 years old. Before that, I only drink Coke when there are parties, picnics and sort of special occasions. However, little by little, my taste bud got accustomed to the taste and I didn't feel my day was complete if I didn't have a glass of fizzy drink. Then it became a habit. In school, I use to drink fruit juices or water during recess time but with my new found addiction, I had to skip the meal and drink Coke instead. Coke alone. The feeling was great. I felt full and the necessity to eat woul be gone. In high school, the addiction grew stronger. During weekends, my family would have about 2 liters of coke and they will all be gone at the end of the day. Even my family got into the habit!.
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