Coca-Cola Anonymous

Just when I thought my Coca-Cola anonymous is a mad idea, this guy has his own anonymous group for a weird kind of addiction---lip balm. Yes, for people out there who can't last a minute without applying a tad of Chap Sticks or Vaseline on their lips, this is for you.
From Yahoo news:

For nearly a dozen years, Kevin Crossman has done everything he can to raise awareness about the "industry of addiction" found in lip balm. Yes, lip balm. Blistex, Carmex, Vaseline Lip Therapy. You name it, he's indexed it on Lip Balm Anonymous. There, he catalogs the Chapstick cravings, posts statements from angry pro-balmers, and shares testimony from those who struggled with breaking free from a daily application of gloss. More on Lip Balm Addiction...

Actually, I saw in MTV once that Nelly (the rapper) pays about two thousand dollars for his make up artists and he doesn't even wear make up at all. It's just to apply lip balm on him every now and then. Whew! A glossy way to spend money, isn't it?

I really should be getting serious with this Coca Cola Anonymous thinggie before someone steals my idea. You see, I have shared an idea for an adult entertainment/relaxation type of magazine with my former manager here in the Coast and Voila! months after he resigned, the magazine is widely distributed everywhere. I am not sure though if has a direct participation with this publication but my present boss said that he (my former boss) is ¨friends¨with the publishers of the said magazine. Cheeky!!!! I should put a copyright with all my ideas from now on AND I should keep my mouth shut especially with people like him.

SO, for people who cannot live a day without a can of ice cold Coca-Cola or any carbonated drinks, let's join hands together and seek for a way to combat this addiction. Send me your experiences and health problems you think you might have developed due to carbonated drinks at or simply go to I will publish them.