Show me the Money!

I spin me round like a record baby, right round, right round.

And no, I am not being spun around by some uncut Iberian stud or something like that. The working diva in me is shedding blood, sweat and tears to make my bank teller happy.

I figured out there's a lot of things going on this summer and I wouldn't want to spoil it just because I couldn't afford to even buy a carrot suntan oil. My spending are always higher than my income and I hate it when Monday mornings you realize that you have blown all your week's salary during the weekend clubbings.I really hate it. Monday blues plus empty wallet equals depression, wrinkles and suicide thoughts.

So, as I always do but never get to the point of putting them into realization, I write down how much do I earn, how much do I NEED to spend and how I should avoid unnecessary impulsive splurges like buying a lighter just because I left my other 6 in the house. Little things like that matters when you are in dire need of dough, you know.

Tell you the truth, I've got so much travel plans this summer, I would gladly consider becoming a TUPPERWARE or an AVON lady if I have to just to have extra dinero. (My mom used to do that as any mothers did or still doing and oh, was she good at it. I remember having those tea parties at home where all the ladies gather and my mom would talk about the wonderful, colorful world of plastics or try the latest shade of lipstick to desperate housewives and women who do nothing but bear babies and watch telenovelas all day).Prostituting myself is not an option at the moment since I still have to lose another 10 kilos and wear my hair shoulder-lenght (which will take another 2 years or so) to combat possible competitions from Brazilian trannies who do more than Capoera in bed.

I thought I really have to take charge of myself financially so I finally gathered my will powers and did the first step to economic stability, even just for this summer:

a. Ask my boss for a raise. Check. Got it (or at least I was promised to. Remains to be seen this Friday).

b. Extra income. Check. Being a teleporn star for the longest time, I signed up to become a reseller for Orange Phones in my area. God knows I suck with face to face selling but if there's a will , there should be a fucking way, and I'm gonna strut down that way for all I care!!!
Also, I am a part time masseuse for a Spanish lady every Sunday so to increase my clienteles would be a great way of earning some extra cash, too. This plan is to be done.

c. Save. Tighten the belt.Be Thrifty but nifty.
Ok, i really can't figure out which activities should I drop to save. Is it my cup of decaf in the office cafe? (hmmm...) My cigarettes? (NO). Lunch? (Maybe). Coke Light? (Cut to once a week instead of everyday?), I really don't know. Would have to figure that out tonight.

So what's all the tightening of belt all about anyway, you may ask.

I am going on a holiday. I badly need one. Don't wanna tell yet 'coz I don't want to jinx it. Stay tuned. In the meantime, I will be in Madrid on the 26th till the 28th of this Month for a quick trip to the mother embassy.

No, I don't need some hookups at the moment guys. The last thing I would want to do right now is to waste time and money. The Asian bitch is busy and very important.