From Russia...with Love?

Here was my reply to his first email:

And and wrote...

Hi Jeno! I was pleased to receive your reciprocal message.Jeno your e-mail means for me, that I am interesting to you tooand you does not frighten the relation with Russian GayMan. Jeno myparents know that I am gay.They concern to it easy. To be cheerful itin fact not a crime and simply way of life of the person. Everyonechooses as it wishes to live and anybody in the right to forbid to itto make a choice!!! Jeno, do you really, think picture of me nice? -OK, in the following messages I shall send you other pictures of me.Jeno, I have a lot of questions to you and I would like to ask them inthe messages, I hope you will allow answer to me - OK? You seems forme nice person, and it is important for me to know questions youropinion on some things. I shall try to tell you a little about mycharacter. I don't know how start it, I think, that I am very romanticperson. I like communicating with people, it is pleasant for me goodhumour. I always try to be a little mysterious for men. Gay alwaysshould be some riddle, as in a detective story. The solution will beat the end of the book. I want that man read my book all our life. Andit should be interesting. I very much appreciate such qualities inpeople, as fidelity and honesty. I believe in love, and I think itvery valuable thing which needs to be protected. I am jealous person,very much. I adore, when pay compliments to me and I'm ready to listenthem constantly. For me it is necessary, that around of me there was acleanliness, I am frequently engaged cleaning. I also like cooking.I'm prepare meal and various tasty things .Jeno I din't smoke. I lovecoffee than tea more. I drink alcohol very seldom. Basically onholidays. I prefer to drink some wine glasses of a champagne. Probablyall gays dream to get acquainted with good person, to have with himbeautiful romantic relations. But frequently such things come to endvery quickly. I have no intention to spend myself on such acquaintances. While I have not met in my life such person, to which Iwould decide to give myself and my life. But I would be desirable to find such person.I have an easy live, without problems or complications. As you, I'm anopen gay with all my family and my friends because I prefer the truthbefore anything. I think that is very important to be real and to showpeople all my qualities without prejuices, regardless sexualpreferences, religion, ideology... I'm pride of me. Qualities that I love in men:LovingAffectionateIntelligentA men that have interest to talk about different mattersAdventurousWhat I love in men are sincerity, monogamy, a devilish side to thierpersonality, the ability to laugh at oneself, a healthy sexualappetite, an uninhibited spirit that loves to kiss deeply, for hourssometime, someone that makes my heart race and my palms sweat when Isee him, a man not afraid of a little adventure once in a while, ahard worker, and a dedicated human being. I also like a humility. Agoofy person is very sexy to me as well. Nothing is more boring than acompletely strait laced personality. I love a man that is not afraidof his emotions, or expressing them candidly..... (the continuation contains explicit details, for my eyes only).

Okay, so I am beginning to get annoyed now. The letter sounds soooooo well- planned. Seems like he's sending this to basically everyone! To tell you the truth, what he is saying here has nothing to do with my reply to him.

First of all, I didn't say I was interested to him in a sort of a relationship kinda way. You know what i mean? Second, I never said I liked his pictures (they're nice though, don't get me wrong) and I never said that I am openly gay with family and friends (though that is a fact) in my email to him.

I hate it when people lie and I am not stupid to NOT know if they are. Why can't he just say, ¨get me out of Russia and I'm gonna be your sex slave forever¨---that, I might just consider.

Anyway, if he wants to play, so be it. Hang on there, sweetie. Stare at my pics and let your heart thump and your hands sweat...the game has just started and my chips are all set. We're playing Russian Roulette.

Here's Amy Winhouse's LOVE IS A LOSING GAME for some inspiration.