Spanish Style 101

After a bottle of Prozac, a gallon of jasmine tea, smoking Chinese incense and yoga sessions, I am finally calm, my dear readers. I decided to abandon the drama and stress of everyday living and be fun again. Yes, believe it or not, I am a fun person.

So here´s my goodie bag of surprises for this week---I decided to introduce you all to the wonderful world of Beauty, Class and Glamour---Spanish Style. Within the next two weeks, you will be seeing loads of expensive, luxurious, pretty fabulous things that people who do not have money call ¨superficial¨, ¨shallow¨, and ¨global consumerism¨. I don´t care. I don´t have money either to buy these marvelous shits,but hey, who knows? I might just bump with an Arab Oil Magnate frolicking in Marbella, lurking in the nearby Chiringuito prying for twinks (well, I don´t really fit in the category of twinks now but I still look like one :) ) so as early as now, I have to get ready for frivolity. So with no further ado, I present to you all...


Armand Basi

The Armand Basi company was born in Barcelona in the 1940´s as a workshop for making high quality kintwear that was sold in the most pretigiuos establishments in Spain. From then on, the company grew and became one of the finest signatures in clothing and lifestyle in the country and around the world.

Image from Armand Basi Spring Summer Collection 2007

So what´s so special with SeƱor Basi´s design? I just love his clean and simple cuts, casual style but with an elegant effect.

Chic, urban and stylish but not screaming.

In the meantime, I am salivating for this...

And this...

After wearing my hazel contact lens for 5 days, it wouldn't be able to see the light of day no more since it popped out of my eyes last Saturday in the club. I guess my eyes were just too dry and irritated by smoke and fuglies around me so it decided to fly out without warning. So, I´m back with my faithful specs which gives me headaches since it is just too tight (or is it just my big head?).

The Armand Basi ring is sooo gay, I want to have one for my wedding (in the future, God knows when). But then again, the designer´s name is engraved on it and unfortunately, I don´t think I will ever meet the man of my dreams with the same name.

Oh, well...I think I will settle for a real rock from Tiffany´s.

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