Picasa...the faux artist!

I was ready to rave about how good GOOGLE´s photo sharing feature, PICASA is, but here´s what happened that made the AB (Asian Bitch) really mad and instead of giving them a thumbs up, I decided to give them a FINGER instead.

Picasa is amazing when it comes to downloading your pictures from your digicam and editing them. They have loads of features that even a Luddite or an 8 year old kid can turn normal photos into ¨works of art¨ hence the name Picasa (derived from Picasso of course). It is more or less like PHOTOSHOP but less complicated. However, the catch is, since it is owned by GOOGLE just like BLOGGER, GMAIL, etc all the pics you have in your blogsite page are automatically saved on your Picasa site as well. Foolish me, wanting to save my Picasa space, I deleted all my pics there without knowing that if you delete those, they would be automatically deleted in your blogspot site too! You can imagine the shock I had when I checked my blog and found that it was all stripped off of photos! Gosh! Some of the photos that I had in my blog were already deleted from my computer since I don´t really want my computer to look like a squatter´s area for pictures I don´t use anymore.

What a mess. I have to redo this whole blogsite over again photo wise and knowing how impatient I am, I would get myself a book on meditation first so that I could get myself to actually do it without breaking things and bursting into tears.

To Google and Picasa: things are made with options, no? If people want to upload their photos in their blogs, it does not necessarily follow that they want those pictures to be put in an online album. Those pictures are made to give harmony to the article and vice versa! It´s good that you´re discovering new wonderful things everyday for people to use for free however, please at least make sure it works! %&@***

Ahhh...Technology. They drive me insane.