Jen and Tonic

The lazy pose

I am addicted to tonica. NOT the Schweppes type but the one you use after cleaning your face to close the pores and relax the skin. You see, years of smoking and going out until the wee hours of the mornings made my skin looked unhappy and lacklustre. Fortunately, I am Asian so I am blessed with a fine, smooth skin.

Last Saturday, I went to the SUPER perfumeria in Torremolinos to see if they get any L'Oreal for men toner since I use this brand for facial wash and moisturizer. Unfortunately, there was none and the only one I saw was a Clinique Men´s Facial Toner for more or less 20 euros . Whew! I'll save that one until I am 35 ( dermatologists say that anti-aging products take effect only for those 35 years old and up). So, I went to the women´s merry-go-round of narcissistic products and found Nivea Toner. They come in two colors Blue and Pink so obviously I opted for the blue one thinking it´s more masculine (yeah, right). They have a special offer of 5 euros and comes with a make up remover. Toner

Make Up Remover/ Cleanser

Foolish me, I didn't really read the package and when I got home, I found out it's for mature skin (Piel Madura)! Huff! My mother would love it I am sure but not my smooth 28 year old Asian skin.

So today, I went back and found this better one by PONDS. It´s got Aloe Vera extract and helps closes the pores (what I really wanted in the first place).


PONDS as we all know is a trusted name in skin care. I remember using my mom´s facial cream at the age of 10, so I don´t think I will go wrong with this one.
I just hope it works for men too.

I think I like this entry. I am thinking of doing a separate blog for male grooming. I think I should.

Whatcha think, people?