I have an Indian officemate and I hate her. Not because she is Indian but because she talks non- stop. She is the human version of a wrecked CD played over and over again. She gets me into eating cookies and fruit juice---the perfect ingredients to death of my oh so very strict ATKINS diet. She tells me Indian philosophies and the secrets of life like---a man should not live to work but rather work to live---and other shits. I try to ignore her everyday, smile and pretend to absorb whatever she was saying though the reality is that I could'nt even understand her accent. I despised her.

But things went into a 180 degrees backflip when one day, she gave me this:

This is an authentic fur bufanda (scarf) made from butchered and dried baby FOX complete with head, toes, tails and fingernails. hahahaha. Beat that!She originally wanted my manager to have it but my manager was repulsed by the idea of having to have a dead animal hanging on her shoulders. You should have seen her face when she saw it. She was actually scared! hahahaha!. My manager said, ¨oh, just give it to Jeno, I am sure she would love it¨. And I did.

I know, it is cruelty to animals and all..but you see, the curry woman paid loads of money to have it so instead of it going to the bin, I saved it. I actually saved the world from another garbage! hahahaha.I love it really, I tell you. Too bad, the weather's not that cold anymore for this furry treasure to be seen embracing my neck on the streets, but who cares about weather anyway. I really am just waiting for the right occasion to wear this baby and voila! I´m gonna be the jungle bitch of the coast.

I gave the Indian woman ( and new found friend) a big smile and said, ¨Girl, this is better than any tandoori¨.