Crazy, Sexy, Cool CAMPERS

The Spring-Summer 2007 collection of this international shoe brand (born in Mallorca, Spain in 1877. More of camper's history here) is crazy especially the ¨twins¨. The pair looks the same but they are not exactly identical! How fun could that be?
Spot the difference:

What's even crazier about this collection is that the shoes are androgynous . They are supposed to be UNISEX but would you think your grandads, dad, uncles and brothers or any heterosexual men in their sane mind,would, for the love of god wear these???

or these?

I could properly wear these

but definitely not these
I think it is best that they should just stick to those original, bulky, heavy, schoolboy shoes that they are known for, really. It is nice to spread worldwide consciousness to be bold and brazen and try things both enjoyed by men and women (I mean, hey, isn't bisexuality the new butch?) but I think this collection is just too much.
Yes, I am gay but I am not a transvestite. Thank you.

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