Warning: The pictures posted here are not for the faint-hearted.

Neither Perez Hilton nor Bryanboy can top the scandal that dominated the Spanish news today. Jesus Christ masturbating!
But before you call your parish priest to expel me from the church or to exorcise me until I die of seizure, read the story first.

Spanish political party, Partido Popular presented their public complaint against the local Government of Extremadura (a region in Spain) and it´s ministry of Culture, Don Francisco Muñoz (who will run in the coming local elections) for publishing a photography book entitled In Breeding by artist Jam Montoya which shows offensive images giving homage to religious characters.

Photos of San Roque (with a massive erection) with his dog ( a faint reference to bestiality), Angel Gabriel ejaculating on the Virgin Mary, a transsexual Jesus Christ or Saint John of the Cross practising oral sex are some of those showed on the said book.

The Prologue of the book was signed by the government of Extremadura specifically by Don Muñoz and actually defended it as a work of art more than anything else.The publishing of the book stirs new arguments on where lies the thin line between art, pornography and blasphemy.

Now my dear readers tell me, is this art? Faith? or just a lousy attempt to seek attention?I want some answers.

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