Stressed out. Gimme´ Gimme´ the Trophy!

I don´t know if it´s the coffee, my dental appointment tomorrow or just plain drama but I feel like the woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown!

I´m stressed out/excited/pissed/envious/happy/hopeful/encouraged/sad/ about the forthcoming PHILIPPINE BLOG AWARDS. I know, I know, I did not make it to the finals but they ju
st sent me my invites for the awards ceremony for tomorrow and I feel like weeping! I will not be there!!!

Oh, god, I feel like doing my speech now. I am really emotional, I won´t let this momentum pass.

To the Philippine Blog Awards, Thank you so much for acknowledging my work and my attempt to blog my adventures and misadventures in the land of toros, paella, and olive oil. I promise when I get back home, I will cook a dozen tortilla de patatas and make you an orgasmic tinto de verano as a sign of my gratitude. Also, If you wish to come to Spain, I will show you around and let you ride a burrotaxi so you can experience the countryside living and the beauty of nature in Spain, a far cry from the lovely city of polluted Manila.

To my blog guru, my forever thanks for all the support and I will try to do your suggestions in order to optimize my exposure in the bloggosphere. I am thinking of hiring Mrs. Imelda Marcos´s PR strategist to be forever featured in different magazines around the world but then again, I´m sure it is cheaper to sign up for Google instead.

To my family who was very supportive of my blog because it loses my sexual appetite and make me stay at home during the weekends away from the carnal temptations of Torremolinos, Thank you very, very much. I´ve been on a dry spell for six months now, I don´t even know how it is to achieve orgasm anymore.

To the people of Andalucia who speak two thousand words per minute, even though I couldn´t understand you sometimes (and vice versa) , thank you for showing me your culture. Soy andaluz, un gitano Filipino, Coño! Mi raiz es de Granada, soy un Pineda, que sangre Español mas quireis???

And finally, to my people, my faithful minions all over the world, **weep** ***weep*** Muchas Gracias!!! Keep on Jenosiding. Rest assured I´m gonna make this site much, much better muy pronto. I have lined up an explosive topic guide...a kick ass header is on its way as well...more humour..more irony...more bitching...and most important of all, more about Spain.

I´ll stop the drama now, the nicotine´s effect has subsided.