Staring at 10 million dollars

Maya with a Doll (1938)

It´s been years since I wanted to visit the Picasso Museum in Málaga so one Saturday, I pulled my friend Satellite to go with me and visit the great artist´s shrine. Located on Palacio Buenavista, Calle San Agustin in the town proper, it is quite difficult to find in the narrow alleyway and rows of bars and cafés around it however, the people of Málaga are always nice and willing to help lost tourists like us unlike in Madrid where NOBODY will give you directions at all.

We noticed that all the museum guards and ushers looked like the characters in MEN IN BLACK. They all wear black suit and looked regal from head to foot.

From the first portrait, Satellite began to blab.

¨Hmmm...look at that. The face is destroyed. Eyes and ears not on their places¨. Giggled.

¨It´s not funny. We are looking at the works of one of the best artists of the 20th century¨, I said.

¨That sketch, Caballo Con Penacho. I could probably do that myself¨

¨No, you can´t. That was all done in one single stroke without lifting a hand¨.

We moved on to the second floor where more canvasses and sculptures were exhibited. It was like a maze. A beautiful maze where treasures are displayed.

I lingered at Mujer en el Sillon.

¨What´s so special about it, now?¨, he said.

¨I´m staring at 10 million dollars¨

¨Oh, well then I´m joining you¨.

Just recently, another two Picasso paintings were stolen in the house of the artist´s grandaughter in Paris.The paintings entitled, 'Maya à la poupée' (Maya with a doll;) is a portrait of his daughter, Maya done in 1938 and 'Portrait de femme, Jacqueline' (Picture of a woman, Jacqueline) a portrait of his second wife done in 1961 were stolen during the wee hours of the mornings on February 28 of this year. The two portraits were valued at 50 million euros (66 million dollars) altogether. Continue reading...