Jenoside Invasion!

Muchisimas Gracias to all the people who have been visiting my humble shrine. The Philippine Blog Awards is just two days away and even though I was not included in the final round, I am just happy to be acknowledged (thanks to you, whoever you are, who nominated me although I think I should have been in the OFW category).

This March, the reception I got was as hot as the spanish sun so let´s lie down and enjoy my 15 minutes of fame. Here´s your sunscreen: On the month March alone, I´ve got 1, 059 hits and It felt good. Keep it coming folks!

The 15th of March, 77 people checked the site for a little bit of torture. I will give you some more tongue lashing, so watch out!

So, where are my people coming from? Who are they?
Well,since my statcounter could only show daily trackbacks as far as countries are concerned, here´s my silent minions as of 2:30 pm, March 30.

I tell you, my jenography goes as far as Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Sweden, Malaysia, Poland, Mexico, Iran and others I can´t remember now. I will give you daily updates from now on, though. Bushland seems to love me a lot since they are my most avid readers next to of course, España! Seems like Spain is totally Jenosided since I´ve got readers from Cataluña, Barcelona, Madrid, Costa del Sol, Valencia and Sevilla. Damn! Even ETA terrorists are reading my blog. I have a loyal minion in the Basque Country!

I am so happy my dear friends. Seems like we´re fastly moving on the right track! I have recently added a Clustermap for this site so you would see for your self the dots to world domination.

A lot of people are emailing me giving comments on my site however, LEAVE YOUR COMMENTS ON THE SITE ITSELF AND NOT IN MY EMAIL. Only if you want to be my friend, lover, foe, provider or donor should you email me and the rest, POST IT!!!

For possible advertisers and millionaires who want to invest on my site :) , DO IT NOW! WHY? Well, aside from my worldwide jenography, my readers just don´t stare at my gorgeous pictures and play with themselves after. THEY READ IT!

An example: My readers from Australia and the UK spend half an hour on my page. It´s not that they are slow reader but I´m sure they are savouring my every word.

Today, at 2:49pm ONLY, 17 percent reads the page longer than an hour. Gosh, they really have the time in their hands, don´t they?

Speaking of having too much time, check out my faithful reader in Saudi Arabia. He/she just spent 10 hours, 13 mins, 37 secs.yesterday on my site! Unbelieveable? Believe it!

The bulk of readers I get are mostly yuppies, doing an 9-5 job, sitting on their computers, watching the time goes by and waiting for their bosses to drink vodka somewhere at lunchtime.

Also, I´ve got rich, opulent, wealthy, ex-CEO´s and Managing Directors who are now pensioners wasting their money and time in the Costa Del Sol. They rather read my blog than gardening or playing golf, I tell you.

So there you go, you got burnt now with my data huh? Well, keep on Jenosiding and PLEASE, LEAVE A F*NG COMMENT!!!! REMEMBER, YOU MAY NOT LEAVE YOUR DNA IN MY BLOG BUT I STILL CAN SEE YOU AND YOUR WHEREABOUTS SO PLEASE DON´T BE SHY.

As for future advertisers, SHOW ME THE MONEY. EMAIL ME ON

Again, Muchas Gracias Amigos and hasta siempre! Un besooooo!!!!!