2007 Philippine Blog Awards: WE are nominated!

I was lazily checking my technorati stats when I saw two other sites who have my name on their blogsites. I was puzzled. Why would they blog about me? Am I THAT famous now? Have I done something in my life worthy of another persons blog post? Hmmm...I began to read intently.

It turned out that they were not blogging about me at all. They were blogging about the 2007 Philippine Blog Awards and I am one the of nominees!!!

I admit, I am not very lucky with competitions and things like that. The major ones I won in my life was winning the Science Quiz Bee in our town of Pola when I was like what...11 or 12? Then, of course, the infamous Mr. Junior Award in our high school prom---a beauty contest out of a fish bowl. Since then, I haven´t won anything again, not even a bar of Mars or an Orea cookie in birthday parties of my friends´children.

So, since I am relatively a newcomer in the blogosphere, I don´t think I would bag any awards at all. However; seeing my blogsite on the contest´s website makes my heart skip, thump, jump, and suddenly went on a microsecond stop. It was like seeing your first born child. I am seeing my baby!

Fruit of my two-month long sleepless sessions over coke zeros and L&M lights, camwhoring and stealing graphics from the net. It was all worthwhile and the bitch is happy.

To all my friends who flicked through my page even for less than 0 seconds, Thank you very much. To my readers from all over the world...China, Mexico, Singapore, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Germany...I don´t know who you are guys but at least you can leave a comment so I would know you are peeping through my shrine. Send a smile...a kiss...a hug... or your pics and I will gladly post them without any problems.

And of course, to my faithful minions from the UK, Ontario, New York, France and Italy...thank you bitches! If all goes well, I will visit each one of you and post your gorgeous faces here.

Special thanks to Ms. Mariel Clark for opening my awareness on blogging.

I would not win this year, I bet my queenhood on that. Do not lose hope though. Just stay tuned because next year, I make sure, there will be JENOSIDE in the Philippine Blog Awards and we will all be happy bunnies. In the meantime, let me pop a champaigne. Cheers!

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