Aching and Thinning

¨I wanted to have my tooth extracted NOW!¨, I barked at my dentist´s receptionist.

¨Well, you have to wait after the Holy Week to have it done since our schedule is full¨, she said, almost shaking with fear.

I slammed the door to her face.

I hopped on the bus going to the next town.I felt like I was having an internal hemorrhage from the pain of my molar. I took two 600 milligrams of Ibuprofen that morning but still my head felt like being cut into halves. I was seeing stars all over.

Saw the first ¨DENTAL CLINIC¨ sign from the bus station, I immediately went in. I didn´t care if it was a quack doctor or something. I was up for a quick relief. I was dying.

¨I wanted to have my tooth extracted now!¨, I barked for the second time that morning.

The receptionist is a human version of a bubble gum. Pink uniform, pink plastic loop earrings, pink lipstick, pink headband, golden hair. Very 60´s.

¨Well, have a sit Mr...?¨

I gave my name. I didn´t spell it though. I was not in a spelling mood.¨Okay, please wait for your name to be called¨.

I sensed some hope.

I was trying to do some mind over matter healing, but I was just too distracted by the magazines laid on the desk. Nothing about health and tooth care. All About fashion and beauty. I wondered if I entered a hairdressing salon, not a clinic.

After 20 minutes of waiting, I was called by a dashing male dentist. He asked me about my dental history and stuff. I told him I could not speak properly because I was in pain. He gave me the form and I filled it all up myself. Usually, I flirt with men in uniform. This time, my sexual urges was washed away by the bacteria in my molar.

Then I was moved to the dental seat. A lady dentist had a good look at my aching molar.

¨ We still can save your tooth¨

¨ I don´t want to¨, I said.

¨ You see, you are too young to lose teeth. We just kill the nerves and do some reconstructive surgery or a cap and it will be fine. In the meantime we still can´t pull your tooth either because it still infected. I´ll give you some antibiotics instead.¨, she said and left.

Miss bubblegum chatted me up about the pros and cons of pulling out my tooth from hell while checking her computer for another schedule.

¨ Once you lose your tooh, you will age quicker. You will develop fine lines and wrinkles easily especially on the sides of your mouth¨.
Botox. I thought.

¨ Also, since the upper tooth will not have anything to bump/clash with while you are eating, it will go right down and drill your lower gum hence, it is possible that it gets weaker and eventually lead to another loss¨.

Calcium. Cheese.Milk. Another thought.

¨And..¨ she said, as if about to say the secret of immortality (when all I need is just to get rid of f*ing pain!)


Magic words. Instant thinspiration. MANOREXIA.


¨OK then, Monday 7:45 pm¨.