What´s with the suicide?

Only days ago, the Spanish Princess´s youngest sister was found in her Madrid apartment lifeless with a bottle of god knows what pills and suicide notes to her family. Today, Anna Nicole Smith, celebrity,reality show star, GUESS? model and the object of my male high school classmates´nightly self-abuse ,was found in her Florida hotel drugged and dead. What´s the world coming into?

Could it be that the dreadful valentine season has something to do with this awful life-taking? Or could it be just a case of another conspiracy theory?

In the case of Anna Nicole, it must be the latter. Maybe she didn´t kill herself. Maybe she was killed. With her lifelong battle with deceased husband´s money, it is easy to formulate a murder theory. Just last year, she lost her son to drug overdose as well but as what my friend Elle said, (she´s mad about conspiracy theories and believes that Osama Bin Laden is inside the White House smoking a cigar in the Oval Office, with guess who.) their deaths must have been planned by her former husband´s family.

As of the Doña Letizia´s sister Erika, no one knows what made her kill herself as the Royal family was quick to stop any leakage to the press.

I don´t judge them. To each his own although I admit I´m scared of blood so it would never cross my mind to lash my immaculate pulse or take just so many sleeping pills as I am allergic to them and give me bad diarrhea.

Whoever said that we were brought to this world to be happy? TV. In reality, we all have our crosses to bear and shits to swallow. Some people think that death is the easiest way out but how would you know if it really is? Who, in the history of men have testified that there is indeed another life after death?

What if there´s nothing out there at all...what if we just rot and become food to the maggots?