Weekend Whatevers

Okay, so I said that my weekend was planned and that I would do a little bit of travelling to Granada and Antequera. However, few hours after I posted that blog, my faithful friend Satellite (not his reals name of course), called me up to cancel because he had to do some work Saturday morning. Fine. I still had my Antequera lined up for Sunday, so I didn´t really bother. Saturday, I just wandered around La CaƱada shopping centre and bought my new best friend in Spain since all my friends here are either busy with work, out on vacation, or has fled Spain permanently for fear of the Mafias. Bien.
Meet Airis. a.k.a. Ann O´rexica. Why? See for your self!
This beauty (with 5.o megapixels) is also a cheapie! 89 Euros (including pseudo-leather casing) and the best part is, it is rechargeable. I don´t need to buy lithium battery every so often. I know, I know, she is not branded like Nikon or anything but hey, she is is fun and light too!

I took tons of pictures in the shopping centre but accidentally erased them all after. I guess I am semi-Luddite in one way or another, I dont like gadgets and their complicated world but still, I should have read the goddamn manual! Oh well.

My friend Satellite and I spent the afternoon walking around Marbella. It was a lovely afternoon and the beach are almost full of sunworshippers. i bumped with former officemate, Charles and we had a good chat which lasted 2 hours or so. It turned out he´s got some business ideas using the same medium that I was thinking about for mine and it was good to have communicated with him about it. Anyway, it is still a top secret.

Fast Forward---I called it a day very early Saturday night. I had a big date the next day and the last thing that I would like to happen is to look like Kate Moss ---5 bags of cocaine and thousand of fags after---(hmm..BUT she still looks good despite of it all, doesn´t she?). My date booked a table for two already in Antequera and I wanted to be fabulous visiting the land of...of...I really don´t know `coz I haven´t been there. I did a Google search on it but all I saw were mountains, trees and sunflowers. Anyway, I didn´t care. It´s been a long time since someone booked a table for my presence and I was looking forward to this one. I was a sleeping beauty at 10 pm sharp.

4am, I received a text (and I quote): I am very sorry I am going to have 2 cancel today´s trip to Antequera. I have been up all night, I think salmonela food poisoning. I´ll ring u later. So sorry. I´m still in pain. xxx Fil (not his real name, again)

I painstakingly got up and deleted 3 alarms I had (in case I wouldn´t hear the first one) in my mobile phone and tucked myself back to dreamland.

He called me again about 8 am to apologized. I wished him an immediate recovery.

To avoid the lazy Sunday, I went to the mercadillo (flea market) in Torremolinos with Filipino friends. I thought I would check out some really nice stuff since in I´m used going to the Ukay -ukay (our version of flea market) in Manila where one could get a second or third hand CHANEL suit for 50 pesos ( 90 euro cents) but I was disappointed. It looked like a giant carpark of garbage and filthy Chinese imported shits! So, in the midst of unusually blazing sun, I took pictures of the mercadillo instead.

When we were in the car, I did the same stupid thing again of messing with my new friend Ann O. (my digicam, if you haven´t been reading attentively). Alas! all my fabulous pics were gone in a microsecond.

I think Anne is still warming up on me. It is difficult to establish friendship you know. One thing is for sure though: you can´t mess with her. She kicks ass.

Note: I just put a visitor tracker in my blogpage. I´ve noticed that I´ve got loads of people visiting without leaving a message. Por Favor! Hablame!

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