Tie me up! Tie me Down! a D&G Survey

Hottest news of the day from this side of the world:

The Spanish Women´s Institute is asking fashion label Dolce and Gabbana to pull out this ad:

This ad showing a woman pinned down on the floor (and liking it.just look at the bitch´s face) by a hunk, while four gorgeous voyeurs happily gaze, caused so much scandal here in Spain that an immediate pull out of all advertising media is asked by different feminist and consumer groups.

The Federation of Consumers in Action say that this ad crossed the line of the Advertising law that states ; it is prohibited to create an advertisement that is against the dignity of a person or vulnerable to the values and rights known to the constitution. The law concretes the prohibition of advertisements that represents any cruelty to women.

Questions of the Day:

1.Would they go ballistic if A GAY MAN was down and dirty on the floor instead of that woman?

2. Does it really insinuates violence to women OR is it a mere reflection that sometimes, we just want to be dominated?

3. Why does she look like she´s liking it? (answer: with those guys? WHO WOULDN´T!)

4. Would you like to be raped by Stefano Gabbana?

a) yes, with high heels

b) yes,without high heels

c) yes, if he was straight

d) yes, if he would give me a year-supply of D&G eyewear, bags, and accessories

d) yes, yes yes!

f) No, I´m a proper Catholic girl, and even thinking about it would lead me to hell

5) If you will be raped by the same men on the ad, would you like it? or Would you LOVE it?