The Oscars and Madam Auring intuitions...

14 days before Oscars. I promised to watch all the nominated flicks this year but unfortunately, Hollywood films are shown here in Spain at least 3 months delayed due to dubbing purposes so until now some of them have not been released here. I had the chance to see the ones up for major nominations, though.

Speaking of dubbing, I have long been accustomed to watch dubbed tv shows or films. Training ground: Marimar. That Mexican telenovela which was so famous in the Philippines and the rest of the third world countries in the 90´s. Watching Marimar was like watching the fall of civilization but it was diabolically addictive, it was compulsive watching. I was so hooked to it that I could sing its theme (it was in Spanish and I didn´t speak any Spanish then!) in full until now.

My first trip to the Spanish cinema was when I saw "Los Chicos Del Coro" (The Chorus Boys). I wasn´t that good in the language before but I really wanted to see that film so I pleaded my Spanish friend and professor, Antonio to go to the movies with me as some sort of my course exercise. I didn´t understand everything that they were saying in the film but I realize I didn´t have to because one can easily get it through common sense. The film was so beautiful I cried, cried and cried, I had to be stretchered out of the moviehouse.

It takes patience and full concentration in general to watch a film in Spanish if you are not a native speaker. Although dubbed films are easier to understand since they make the dialogues and enunciations clearer, the synchronization of the mouth to the words are a lot of times off, it will make you ludacris. In original Spanish films of course, they talk 3000 words per minute plus a smorgasbord of accents and colloquialisms so be prepared, clean your ears before going to get each and every word they say.

After a year and a half of painstaking language lessons from my equally hysterical professor (he is so much of exigent teacher that a Japanese student of his had to bring a face towel everyday and have it ready on her desk to wipe her tears!), I can now watch Spanish films from beginning to end with ease.
I even dreamt in Spanish just recently.

Anyway, here´s my own Oscars bets:

Best Picture: The Queen
I know this would not win because it is British but plot and acting wise, I think it deserves the statue.
Best Actor: Forest Whitaker
Strange looking man but one hell of an actor. Did you see him in the Crying Game? I admit I had a crush on him on that one basically because I felt I was the leading lady/man.
I´ve seen Will Smith´s film as well and no, he would not win in that one.
Best Actress: Helen Mirren
Acting at it´s finest. I thought she wasn´t Helen Mirren portraying the Queen. I thought She WAS the Queen. Freaky, she even looks like her. If she would not win this year I swear, there is no justice in the world.
As I live in Spain, I would not not mention Penelope Cruz. She was long time misused in Hollywod giving her trashy roles but a few would know that ¨Pe¨(as she is called here in Spain), is a good actress to begin with. She was in the early Almodovar films and she crosses boundaries appearing in Italian and French movies. Penelope is the first ever Spanish to be nominated in the Oscars acting category and the country is so proud of her. Her next film will be directed by no other than Woody Allen in Barcelona. Having said all of these, she will definitely lose to the Queen. Better luck next time girl; at least now, Hollywood knows that you are not just their average Latina.
Best Supporting Actor: Eddie Murphy
He wasn´t just acting in Dreamgirls, he was enjoying it and I think that is something really good to see. Runner up: Alan Larkin in Little Miss Sunshine. His character is so real, it reminds us of our own abuelos (grandfather).
Best Supporting Actress: Jennifer Hudson
No one would ever guess that she never had any acting experiences at all. She was a pro in Dreamgirls and her singing? Oh, please don´t let me start. Jennny girl-friend, go and give Simon Cowell a big slap in the face!
Best Foreign Film: EL Laberinto del Fauno (Pan´s Labyrinth)
Guillermo del Toro´s finest film as of date.
Spain in the Franco era + Harry Potter-ish fairy tales + blood + gore + violence = EXCELLENT!
One for the "best films of the century" archives.

That´s it. Let´s see what happens. If my predictions will be true I will drop everything, change career and give Madam Auring a run for her money.