Never talk to Newbies

Yesterday I went to my bank to sort out things. My bank, SOLBANK is the most popular in the Costa del Sol for Expats and foreigners since they speak English. Their tag line ¨the bank you can talk to¨ holds true because they can speak ANY language you can imagine.

So, I went (the branch is just across my apartment) and was advised to see someone to sort out my problem. I have never seen before the woman who assigned to help me. I was sure she´s a newbie. I spoke to her in Spanish and in a flash of lightning, she went to check my details just to come back to me with a a bag full of ¨NO¨ in Spanish variations.Check:

No es possible (It is not possible)
No puedo (I can´t)
No puedes (You can´t)
No podemos (we can´t)
No pueden (they can´t)

I was ready to give her a verbal whipping but she was quick to say ¨there´s nothing I can do¨ so I stomped out of the bank without my usual ¨Muchas Gracias¨ and promised myself to go back the next day with a vengeance.

Today, I went back and this time, saw the bank executive to whom I opened my account three years ago. He knows me and I know him. Benalmadena is my BARRIO and I know it´s citizen by face. He was glad to help me and we sorted out my problem in a couple of minutes.

Newsflash: It is true---it is not WHAT you know, it is WHO you know. It applies everywhere you go.

I think I should start training my 3 year old niece to hone her social skills now. Also not to talk to strangers. Worse, a newbie.