On a happy note:

It is bright today!!!!!!! I can´t believe it. Yesterday, it was dark, gloomy, depressing with a hint of suicidal invitation but today, the sun comes out of it´s long hibernation and says HI! to the coast. Lovely.

I´ve got a my weekend all planned and i want Friday to end NOW. This afternoon, I´m planning to buy the anorexic camera I´ve been eyeing since last week. Saturday, I´m camwhoring in two destinations: Granada and Antequera! Lovely.

I know my blogsite has not been faithful yet to it´s title. It is suppose to focus on Costa del Sol, more or less like a guide to Andalucia. However, since I sent my digicam to Manila months ago, I didn´t have the luxury nor the enthusiasm to go places and tell my 2 avid readers about them. I´m planning to make a huge change with this blogsite---concentrating more on Spanish living so I MIGHT be deleting some stupid, self-incriminating articles I posted before. I´m planning to make this site money generating , so let´s wait and see. All that you will read in the future will be Lovely.