Dia de San Valentin--Almost non existent in Spain. They are hot blooded people, they do not need to be reminded of mind blowing sex, flowers and chocolates because they do that all the time!

But I am not Spanish.

I admit I love cheeky celebrations like these. It is the only time of the year when one can wear red and can get awaywith iteven if it doesn´t matches his/her skin tone.
I thought and still think that Valentines is a worldwide consumerism conspiracy in a month where nothing really significant is happening. So hotels, motels, restaurants, Hallmark and chocolate factories have united to create this day to push the button to power spending.

I am not going out tonight or anything as I am doomed for singlehood and Mr. Valentines is missing (definitely looking for his Prince Charming as well). However, this day reminds me how good it is to be fabulously unattached. No dinner reservations to make; no mushy, tacky cards to give; no sleepovers in flea-infested motel rooms and most of important of all, no unwanted pregnancies!!!!!

I will be sleeping it off tonight and tomorrow, it will all be over. We will all be back to reality check: Love=Evol.