Another day , Another wedding

Finding a Prince Charming in the Costa del sol is quite a big difficulty. It´s either you meet old , sweaty, hairy holiday makers, mafias or Iberian men with 17th century mentality who think that a wife, a secretary and a maid are exactly the same thing. So, instead of hitting the bars on a Saturday night hoping that my future husband is out there waiting, I´d rather be in a nearby Chiringuito eating Tortilla de Patatas, drowning myself with tinto de verano while watching the mediterranean sun set in.

However; news of weddings back home always gives hope to the Bridget Jones that I am. That maybe someday, like them, I will find my own Mr.Darcy who will tell me " I love you as you are¨even if I weigh like an elephant...that special someone who will say "I do" in front of the altar without taking it back a couple of years after; then making the same promise again, this time to a much younger, sexier, surgically enhanced woman he just met in a drunken night out.

The news of my friends´---Matthias and Pam--- wedding did not surprised me. I knew that despite of their cultural differences, being a German and a Filipina, a profound feeling was present between them; something lasting. In a glance, Matthias and Pam are the exact opposite. Matthias; a tall, buffed, sweet white chocolate bar and Pam; a petite, tanned, exotic diva from the Far East. Matthias likes to flex his muscle in the gym and live healthy while Pam faithfully sticks to her Atkins Diet, Coke Light and used to smoke a thousand fags a day. Opposite as they might seem, they share one thing that makes their relationship work---they both have the passion for life. They share and enjoy things together from caving, scuba diving, mountain climbing, cart racing, travelling to the usual partying until dawn. I wouldn´t be surprised if one day, I will receive an email from Pam with their Skydiving pictures attached to it! They are both adventurous, love the outdoors and try new things boring people like me wouldn´t even dare to do. Aside from being lovers, I see them more as best friends, buddies who enjoy each other´s company and never gets tired of it. I look so forward to the future for these two. I know that they will remain not only lovers, but friends, for all of their life.

Pam and Matthias reminds me that love exists and it´s not an Urban Legend. Thinking about it, I think I should stop my compulsive eating of tortillas and look for my own Mr. Right. I just hope that his first name is not ALWAYS.

To Pam and Matthias: Salud, Amor y muchos NIÑOS en futuro! Un beso!

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