FILIPINOS and self-cannibalism

Eat yourself.

This is Filipinos Cookies. When I came across this chocolate-coated cookies in the Spanish market, I stopped and gathered my thoughts. I was confused on how to react.
Should I go ballistic and ask all my Filipino friends here in Spain to boycott this product and start a campaign to flood hatemails to its manufacturer, United Biscuits? OR should I be flattered by the fact that the Spanish people regard us a delicious race?
Filipinos is the number one brand of chocolate biscuit in Spain. It comes in a variety of shapes—donut, sticks and balls and your choice of either white or brown chocolate flavours.
Of course I get offended, correlating the shapes of the biscuits into human sexual appendages; and giving metaphor to our country’s sex industry –something that we are famous for…in the 70´s.
Also, it is quite offensive (although hilarious) how one will use the word Filipino (as the biscuit) in a sentence, really.


¨Has probado Filipinos? Es muy Rico!¨
(Have you tried Filipinos? It is so delicious!)
¨Come Filipinos!¨
(Eat Filipinos!)
¨Me gustan los Agujeros de Filipinos!¨
(I like those Filipino balls!)
¨Me encantan los Filipino Sticks!¨
(I love Filipìno Sticks!)

I know it can be very offensive to some. Of all the races in the world, why did they name a cookie after us? Why not, say, Iraq cookies (advertising line can be: explosive taste!) or United States of America Cookies (with 51 flavours to choose from!).
Well, only United Biscuits knows the answer to that.

I’m not at all bothered really, to be honest with you. One need to have a sense of humour these days or else you’ll die of severe depression with everything that’s going on with the world. It has nothing to do with being patriotic at all; on the contrary, I believe any Filipino who goes abroad automatically becomes its ambassador of goodwill. I bet my sweet ass on that one.

I stopped eating those biscuits though, not for any racism issues but because of dietary reasons. Winter makes one fat, much more those cookies.

Also, I always have this weird thing in my mind when I’m eating those.
I think:
I am eating Filipinos. Am I eating myself? Yes, I am eating myself. Gross.

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In case you´re wondering what ¨ApuntatĂ© al buen rollo¨ means, it´s ¨Sign up to a good time¨ (or much closer to good trip, in good trip/bad trip context).